Press Conference 04/08/12 Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia

In International Support of Anand Krishna

The following statement is issued on behalf of Humanitad Foundation, representing the international community and all free peoples of the Earth.

Anand Krishna has devoted his life to the service of humanity, doing more to promote interfaith harmony, peace and social justice than any other man in Indonesia’s history.

It is a cruel irony that this good and caring man should be the victim of a miscarriage of justice in his homeland, the scale of which is presently unparalleled by any other judicial body in the democratic world.

When the rule of law is undermined, and when the integrity of those responsible for upholding the rule of law is compromised, it is the responsibility of all free people to stand up if our most sacred freedoms are to be preserved.

A fair and public hearing, by an independent and impartial tribunal, in the determination of a criminal charge, is a fundamental right of every human being on this planet. In the present case it is clear that no man of good will would consider the Supreme Court ruling against Anand Krishna to be either fair, public, independent or impartial.

This case is no longer about Anand Krishna, it is about all of us; it is about truth and justice; it is about freedom. His cause is our cause. The soul of Indonesia is at stake.

Humanitad is committed to shedding the light of truth upon this serious issue and shall use its best endeavours to mobilise all levels of international government and NGO support to take action against this travesty of justice.

Humanitad Press Statement

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