The Forgotten Why

Jonathan GlennGranoff has for more than 20 years contributed his legal expertise, developed as a successful private attorney, to the movement to eliminate nuclear weapons. Granoff holds numerous other titles within the peace and security movement and serves on numer- ous governing boards, such as the Lawyers Committee on Nuclear Policy, the Lawyers Alliance for…

The Inaugural MDG Awards Ceremony & Concert At The UN General Assembly: March 17th 2009

POST-EVENT PRESS RELEASE Presented by the MDG Awards Committee in Association with Humanitad Actor, anti-land-mine Activist and Humanitad Ambassador Armand Assante opened the inaugural Millennium Development Goals Awards Ceremony at the United Nations General Assembly Hall remarking “I am pleased to be among some of the most extraordinary humanitarian minds in the world. Many have…

The Millennium Development Goals: Real Family Values

Presentation by Jonathan Granoff, President, Global Security Institute,
delivered at the Millennium Development Goals Awards Ceremony

General Assembly, United Nations
March 17, 2009

The human family is one.

Like any family it needs a home, a place to come together.

The UN aspires to be that home.

That is why it is such an honor to be at the General Assembly tonight. Here one can say we and really mean everyone – everyone, all of us, without boundaries of race, religion, nation, or gender.

This is a place for real family values and policies that serve this one varied, fascinating and funny human family.

In our family tonight there are mothers who must choose which of their children will have enough calories to be alive tomorrow and which might not. Our aunts, our sisters, our mothers should not be in this plight.

We hear so much about Wall Street’s needs and the crisis on Main Street. But for nearly half the human family, their crisis relates to no street. For them, crushing poverty is a dead end.