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Janez Drnovsek †

Humanitad Open Letter to Humanity

by Dr. Janez Drnovsel

President of Yugoslavia (1989-1990), Prime Minister of Slovenia (1992-2002) and President of Slovenia (2002-2007).

We are the people of the world......yet are we conscious of what is happening around us every day? Conscious of our world heading toward an abyss? - conscious of the imbalances of this world growing from one day to the next? What kind of a world are we leaving to future generations of humankind - and how will they reflect on us?

Will they reflect that we were the generation who still had the chance to stop the destruction of our planet? That we failed to awaken? Failed to act? Selfishness and greed prevail in our times as never before. The consciousness of most people has become sublimated to these characteristics. Countless others are intoxicated by such delusions as television and football. They are not really 'alive' - nor are they conscious.

The politics of our world are driven by lowly consciousness. So much political energy is lost to the interplay of vanity and power-mongering. Do politicians sincerely address the problem of world poverty - the critical issues around global warming? Most of them do not. They are not ready to undertake decisive measures to significantly curb CO2 emissions despite rising weather extremes and ensuing natural catastrophes increasing toward a point of no return.

Somewhere in the near future Earth's climate will be so terminally damaged that it will be beyond repair. The 'agony-era' of humanity will begin, perhaps dragging on for a century or two before final cataclysm. What will our ensuing generations make of this spiral? Would they be able to comprehend the failure of politicians and leaders of our time? Leaders who failed to address and to terminate the greed of profit-driven corporations? Corporations who gambled our future against their profits. Profits made as a result of their failure to cut CO2 emissions.

Politicians will tell us that they want to assure our security by chasing and fighting terrorism around the world. They even go to wars for that reason - spending vast amounts of money for such military purposes. What could be done with the billions of dollars spent on such wars? Alleviating poverty and hunger would make the world a just place. This would create an environment increasingly difficult for extremist leaders to recruit 'suicide-bombers' and 'terrorists' from amongst people who can otherwise see no higher perspective in a world of injustice. By eliminating poverty and injustice - our world becomes a safe-haven for all. Whereas - in the present climate of excessive policing and militarism it has become a place less and less secure.

Imagine what more could be done with the billions of dollars spent on such policing and militarism? If only a small part were directed to the development of new technologies to assist in the reversal of global warming, we could then achieve a 'turning point' - assuring the salvation of both our planet and future generations.

But politicians do not act. They seem unable to change their patterns of behavior. They cannot stop the greed of business and the business of greed. They fail to challenge the real decision-makers in a world governed by low consciousness and selfishness. This pressure must come from outside - from the people of the world. Many of those amongst you - who will come to read this message will be of raised consciousness - and frustrated that the mechanisms of an old world order do not ever seem to change. But indeed - we must change that which seems immutable. It is imperative.

We must awaken humanity, and in so doing never use violence in order to achieve the objective. The only way to change the world for the better is by lifting up the consciousness of all people. When critical mass is achieved the politician will have to follow and the businessman will then follow. That is when real change begins.

'Consciousness' is the key word - and the only one that really matters. Let us become conscious of our responsibility toward the future of humanity. Let us indeed save the future of humanity - of ourselves. In this - we may prove worthy of being human. If we fail - we prove little more than that we did not deserve to survive - did not deserve to live. That we wasted our lives for short-term pleasures, profits and illusions. We will be judged in the eternity of this universe - where there will be no advocate to defend us... and where we will remain accused of the biggest genocide of all time. We must act.

Let us write about this - and talk about this. Let us awaken each other. Let us come together whenever and wherever we can - to raise our voices in unison. More and more people will surely follow. Science must now speak. It must not be intimidated by big business - nor must it be bribed for continued silence. After all - there is a voice in our midst which speaks clearly and speaks loudly. Nature. Weather extremes and emerging natural disasters will speak for themselves. Even those who wish to remain deaf and wish to remain blind - will soon see and hear. But in the end - consciousness will prevail. And it will be just in the stroke of time. Our world will be saved. WE will not be the people who brought about the destruction of humankind.

In recognition of his outstanding political, humanitarian and economic achievements and outstanding merit as a peace negotiator Dr. Janez Drnovsek is a recipient of many international awards. This includes the highest state decoration, the Golden Order of Freedom of the Republic of Slovenia for merit in defence of the freedom and sovereignty of his people . He has formerly held the office of Prime Minister of Slovenia and Head of the Presidency of the former Yugoslavia. He is a best-selling author - his writing focusing on the need for an urgent awakening within both global and individual consciousness. His writings are increasingly carried under the name - Janez.