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Selma Brackman

Selma Brackman's Open Letter

To Our International Leaders

Dear Friends:

H.G. Wells wrote: “history is a race between education and catastrophe”

Nuclear weapons are singularly the most atrocious weapons conceived in all of history. The United Nations has not been able to halt the nuclear arms race and for over thirty years, the nuclear powers have betrayed their commitments to get rid of their weapons. The uncontrolled activities of manufacturers of arms merchants for fifty years, continued trafficking of arms sales, the Pentagon pursuits of weapon sales, and both the United States and Russian accumulation of their unique stockpiles of weapons, all indicate an unremitting intention towards war.

Even worse, now Mr. Bush prepares to renew nuclear testing and intends to build some small new nuclear weapons to be used indiscriminately in future military encounters. Nelson Mandela in speaking of Mr. Bush declared him "a president who can't think properly and wants to plunge the world into holocaust".

It is therefore imperative at this point that a world without war become a unified vision. There is no such thing as national security when it comes to nuclear weapons, only global security.

The United Nations has accomplished marvelous things. It has not been successful in halting the nuclear arms race nor has it succeeded in it’s pledge “to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war.” The Rule of Law is the binding agreement of a civilized culture. It is as indispensable for men as for nations and is the only alternative to mass annihilation. It is large enough to accommodate all domestic and international needs.

In the face of current affairs, the United Nations seems helpless. The challenge of generating deep transformation for the human family must come from the activities of the people, not governments, not generals, not corporations, but non- governmental organizations of concerned planetary citizens; a United Nations People’s World Assembly. Simply put, to renounce war is the next stage in human evolution. Nuclear disarmament is a beginning, a necessary first step; it is also a palliative and not a complete solution. Only the absolute repudiation of war assures us of survival.

The ignorance and apathy of the vast majority of men and women world wide can only be overcome through education. We have allowed the major media, television, newspaper, radio, to renounce their essential responsibility to inform the people. And as a result they have been accomplices in the current slaughter. Profit is the first priority of our media and as a result the public is kept largely in the stone age.

Here are just a few key facts that the major media should be telling us...

The Trident fleet alone still carries over three thousand warheads. A single warhead could destroy a city with a million people. It is absurd to have this capacity on alert roaming the ocean.
There is no statesmen of international renown to challenge this absurdity
Only one dozen of the twenty thousand weapons on hair trigger alert are needed to end all of civilization forever.
Studies of the area surrounding Three Mile Island years after the meltdown, have shown a significant and startling increase of cancers and infant mortality rates.
The after-effects of the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki are still, to this day, adversely effecting hundreds of thousands of people.

The peril of nuclear weapons is one that effects all of mankind and is an issue in which the interests of mankind are one, the human species as a whole and not to the advantage of this or that group

Albert Einstein said in enjoining people everywhere that: “no loyalty must override the survival of mankind. Everything in the world has changed. We must surrender loyalty to our flag, to our religion, to our friends, to our tribes, to our country, above all to our creed, to our race. All loyalty must be to the human race. Or all the piled up weapons will explode upon us.”

The awful prospect of the extermination of the human race to atomic war is so completely sobering that sane men recognize that war as an instrument of policy must end.

“The real threat to man’s future well-being and survival stems from the primitive state of political organization, not from differences in human knowledge. Only the evolution of supra-national institutions and arrangements can address global dilemmas of a crowded and finite world. Only the eclipse of state sovereignty can stem the tide of nuclear proliferation and prevent international competition from crossing the threshold with violent conflict and escalating global insanity.”

- Richard Barnett

Selma Brackman