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Ed Eagle Man McGaa

Voice of the Oglala Sioux Nation

Ed McGaa is called Eagle Man by his people, the Oglala Sioux. Born on the Oglala Sioux reservation, he is a historian of his tribe. As a Marine Corp fighter pilot, he served on over 110 combat missions. McGaa has danced in sun dances for many years and learned the sacred Sioux ceremonies with the holy men Chief Eagle Feather and Chief Fools Crow. He holds a law degree from the University of South Dakota and is an acclaimed author.

Ed Eagle Man McGaa's Open Letter

An Open Letter from Ed McGaa, J.D. (Eagle Man)

We the people of the Lakota/Dakota Sioux Tribe believe that the Great Spirit...known to non-Indigenous people as the Higher Force...allows Wisdom and Knowledge to flow to people of all races, religions and walks of life. Since we are all the creations of Mother Earth, it is important for all of us to protect and nurture her. For it was Mother Earth herself, who gave life to this land we now call America, by providing the life-giving Rains from the West Power, and the breath of life from Wiyo, the energizing Sun...forces which bring life to the elements and minerals which make up our bodies. Through their daily communion, Wiyo and Ina Makah (Mother Earth) create those things which feed and clothe us. It is “The Standing Ones” (the Trees) who provide us shelter, while the life-giving Rains bring forth our other basic needs from the Earth.

Since all of this was designed by some Great Power, it seems to us foolish, that mere two-legged humans would fight with each other over just exactly who this Great Mystery is. Once we reach the Spirit World, there will be plenty of time for each of us to discover the Truth of this Great Mystery...if this is indeed the nature of our quest!

Our Animal Brothers and Sisters (Wamaskaskan) never bother to question or revolt from the Great Designer’s plan, yet they have managed to survive and live in harmony down through the eons of time. It is thus my deep conviction that the Ultimate Power intends for us to understand the same Truths and Harmonies that the finned, winged, crawling and four-legged ones have already achieved. This also is true for “the Standing Ones” (the Trees) and the “Growing, Feeding Ones” (the Plants and Grasses).

As for myself, I simply refuse to become engaged in arguments about this benevolent “All-Provider,” whom I appreciate from within the depths of my being. When the time comes for me to reach my own concept of the Spirit World beyond this physical existence, I will choose to move on toward the achievement of evermore Knowledge and Truth...for this is as close as I can come toward defining the Creator/Maker. Since through my eyes, this Creative Force is all-Knowledge and all-Truth, it would seem obvious that IT would want us all to seek the kind of Harmony that is demonstrated by IT’s Wamaskaskan Creations, our Animal Brothers and Sisters, who were put here on Earth to accompany us on our present journey. Hetch etu aloh! These words I have just spoken come forth from the depths of my own learned experiences, and from the wisdom of my many teachers.