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Comments and Perspectives
Elliott and Sharon Maynard
Arcos Cielos Reserch Center
Sedona, Arizona


In his speech to the Un General Assembly on 23 September, 2003, Secretary General, Kofi Anan, stated, "History is a harsh judge: it will not forgive us if we let this moment pass." He stated his intent to form a High-Level Panel of "eminent personalities," to which he would assign the following four tasks: 1) to examine the current challenges to Peace and Security, 2) To consider how effective Collective Action might be in addressing these challenges, 3) to review the Major UN Organs, and their interrelationships, and 4) to recommend ways of strengthening the United Nations through reforming its Institutions and Processes. In sum, he implied that the economic and social role of the UN needs to be entirely re-thought and re-invigorated. In the face of possible "far-reaching institutional reforms" he added that such reforms alone would not suffice, and that "even the most perfect instrument will fail unless people put it to good use."

In light of the recent and intense acculturation of Society to Television, A Global Multimedia Campaign would seem to be the key to rapid and effective Global Transformation. Earth (Gaia), like any Celebrity, needs a powerful Public Relations Agent and Advertising Force. Perhaps the most efficient way to achieve Global Transformation is to launch the most colossal media campaign in history. Funding for this campaign could be provided by Key Individuals like Ted Turner, Bono, Paul McCartney, Leonardo de Caprio, Prince Charles and similar philanthropists. Such individuals (and countless others) have great concerns for Social Justice, and Environmental Reform. The Major Global Media Organizations are already beginning to air stories about Global Warming, Conservation, and the Environment on a daily basis. The Major Mechanism for this Transformation however is the "Force Multiplier Effect" of the Global Internet, which needs to be skillfully utilized by media experts. [According to SM, the Global Internet will continue to function as a vehicle for Free Speech for approximately the next 14 years, after which time, it will be so closely monitored and regulated, that it will become ineffective as a Transformative Agent for those who wish to Change the Global Social Architecture].

Perhaps the first order of business in implementing this "Gaia Media Blitzkrieg" [which would include all aspects of the formation from the top down of a New Earth Government] would be to create a Non-Profit Organization for this purpose...or use an existing one or create a Global Alliance of NGO"s]. Secondly, Individuals like Ted Turner and other Celebs, Non-Profit Foundations like the Gates Foundation, the Carter Center, etc., should be approached for seed money of at least $100,000. or more each, so that the organization (like the European Union) would be able to function freely from a position of "financial reserve," (as opposed to the hat-in-hand approach and position of the UN). This organization would be headed by a small group of Key Global Leaders (as envisioned by UN Secretary General, Kofi Anan and former UN Asst. Secretary General, Dr. Robert Muller), who have the wisdom and diplomatic expertise dispense with the usual bureaucratic posturing, and could work along at light-speed to set the basic Earth Government Plan directly into action...relying most heavily on the Global Internet, Networking, Telecommunications, Teleconferencing, and the usual TV and Radio Media Networks. It has been my own direct experience that such facilities are most effectively utilized by bringing in outside groups periodically for intensive courses, which range from a long weekend, to perhaps two months. In the past I was privileged to organize with another professor a ten-day intensive course in Puerto Rico between semesters, while teaching at Adelphi University in Garden City, New York. We took a group of urban students and placed them in an immersive learning experience, where they were able to snorkel over the coral reefs and wander through mangrove swamps at night. Most of the students were also introduced to the Underwater World using two floating diving compressors we took with us. People who could barely swim were thus able to sit 15-20 feet underwater both during the day and at night, and have a real-world "Adventure Experience" akin to visiting another planet. We were able to pack in at least a semester of direct environmental experience in Ten Days, changing their lives forever.

This same intensive, immersive approach could be utilized to create a New Earth selecting a relatively small groups of Key Players in different parts of the World, bringing them together for intensive, results-oriented "Think-and-Do Tanks," assembling their input, and ideas, and thus moving directly towards creating what is called in Consciousness Technology, "A Coherent Group Consciousness." Once such a Coherent Group Consciousness is created, a relatively small group of individuals whose thinking is coherently "tuned," can set into motion an entire succession of Quantum Changes on a Global Scale. This could be accomplished with an "Invisible University," since the meetings could be held virtually (in cyberspace), or at any existing physical facility on the Planet, which was strategically located, so participants could travel from the different geographical regions of our Planet. (Teleconferencing constitutes an unprecedentedly powerful technology for creating this modality of Coherent Consciousness which can be utilized to set Quantum Changes (i.e. Macroshifts) into motion.

From a Management Consulting Perspective, the United Nations and World Governments basically "in denial" and "out of step" with the problems facing Planet Earth, the Human Race, and the Global Biosphere. In this state of lethargy they are simply incapable of comprehending and acting on these problems effectively. Whenever an organization such as a University, Corporation, or Government is formed in the Human Consciousness, it begins to take on a bureaucratic "life of its own," so that over time, it becomes increasingly occupied with perpetuating its own existence, rather than swiftly and effectively dealing with the problems at hand. The way to overcome this bureaucratic paralysis is to never let it occur in the first place, by bringing small manageable groups of Key Leaders together in neutral working environments for intensive work sessions, which can work through an agenda efficiently, make appropriate decisions, and create an action plan which can be produced and in everyone"s hands for subsequent the end of the session. Such working groups can be formed and then dissolved as required. This new "invisible organization" eliminates bureaucracy simply because it has no time to grow.

The words of UN Secretary General, Kofi Anan: "Why then, since the 16-member Panel [of wise people] was announced on November 4, 2003 have the so many once-hopeful voices among UN-watchers been reduced to silence?"

The reality of the situation was that this panel"s affairs and report became so involved with "the process" and national rhetoric that rendered itself ineffective. From our perspective as Professional Consultants to Management, such an unreasonably prolonged time-frame would be both unthinkable and unworkable (in terms of efficiency and economics). Within the framework we have developed, such a report would be produced within two weeks at the most, with an executive summary being prepared for all participants at the close of the meeting. This process can proceed very rapidly, with the help of a skilled facilitator (e.g. Dr. Ken Cox, former NASA Aeronautical Engineer, and Chairperson of the Aerospace Technology Working Group) who uses PowerPoint Software to create a working paper during actual workshop proceedings. EM/SM.

To be effective in the formation of the Framework for a Proper Earth Government a group of not more than 26 Key Leaders should be selected by Dr. Muller, and similar World Leaders, who have the experience and Wisdom in areas of Organization, Diplomacy, Economics, and Spiritual Development, to select a team of individuals who will be able to work together effectively and produce a finished Framework, which will be simplistic, functional, and unique, in terms of a Plan of Action for Present and Future Generations of the Human Race. In forming this group and the organizational structure which will result from it, it is imperative that "Effective Movement into the Future" not be "locked up" within a "business-as-usual" construct by individuals who are in their 60"s or older, just to preserve the status quo (as has happened repeatedly in the past). Instead, it is imperative that those with the wisdom and experience bring in and mentor bright, young individuals and "outsiders" from all cultures and walks of life, to create future scenarios which are realistic, creative and promising for the generations to follow. RM/EM/SM.

Of utmost importance in the creation of a "Planetary Declaration of Independence" would be the points so eloquently put forth by Dr. Robert Muller and Barbara Gaughen Muller in their "Agenda for the Future," who would view our unique Homeworld, Planet Earth, with "Global Eyes," cherish our world with a "Global Heart," understand it with a "Global Mind," and begin to merge our Consciousness with the "Global Soul." We must quickly learn to transcend personal egos, nationalistic, religious, and cultural differences and unite our efforts to stop the juggernaut of wanton destruction of our Natural Environment. Together we should work to make this Planet a Paradise...where poverty is eliminated, and social justice, the opportunity for the pursuit of happiness, and the possibility for a bright future can exist for everyone.

Within this same context Ervin Laszlo, President of the Club of Budapest, states "The future of humanity requires a shift in the dominant consciousness of our time to planetary consciousness."

Considering the incredible transformative potential of Mass Media - through Global Satellite TV and the Global Internet, what is needed is a Mass Media Blitzkrieg to champion the cause of Planet Earth as a Precious Jewel of Cosmic Creation. Such a Transformative Campaign would combine the efforts of Key Media Experts like Ted Turner, as well as Ecologically Concerned Government and Corporate Leaders, Celebrities, NGO"s, and especially the Leaders of the world"s major religions. Why should Planet Earth not have her own Agent and Public Relations this not within the Context, Technology, and Metaphorical Imagery of our times, which a "Global Emergency" calls for? EM/SM.

Consider if you will, the incredibly powerful Transformative Force that could be generated - by the simple act of every single individual on Earth taking only five minutes a day to focus their minds and powers of visualization on a "Healing Blessing for the Earth." This simple act of "Thanksgiving" could be amplified through every school and learning institution, government office, community service organizations...and especially by the leaders of the World"s Religions...setting aside a few minutes of their worship service to lead their congregations in a Universal Blessing for the Healing of our Planet and the Global Biosphere EM/SM.

The "Force Multiplier Effect" - Consider the possibilities for Amplification of the foregoing "Healing Blessing for the Earth," or similar "Thought Memes" for Coherent Consciousness Amplification, through the Global Internet. This could be accomplished initially at a Global Conference, or be launched via e-mail. 1) A group of 1,000 individuals would agree to practice their own "Healing Blessing for Earth" every day for at least five minutes a day for one year. 2) This same group of individuals would also agree to pass this Idea to at least ten other individuals, asking each of them to agree and pass this on accordingly via e-mail. Through this simple process, the message and its practice could broadcast fractally throughout the far corners of the world, assisted by personal communication, telephone, media broadcasts and conventional mail. EM.

History is replete with examples of the incredible power embodied in the Planetary Ecosystems for healing our Planet - from Natural Disasters of the Past. By combining our present wealth of Knowledge and Technology with a new sense of Compassion and Understanding, we can speed up this Healing Process by: 1) Setting up a Global Infrastructure for the Protection and Sustainable Management of Earth"s Natural Resources, 2) Enhancing the Natural Processes through the Wise and Disciplined use of Technology, and 3) By applying selected applications of Consciousness Technology for the Protection and Enhancement of the Richness and Diversity of the Global Biosphere, and for the General Enlightenment and Upliftment of the Collective Human Consciousness. EM.

Consider what an incredible Financial Resource could be made available for uplifting the Human Condition and cleaning up its Technology - if the outmoded government subsidies and massive military expenditures of the Global Nation States could redirect this Vast Financial Resource into Environmental Protection, Monitoring, Enforcement of Pollution Regulations in the Global Commons, and Massive programs for Ecological Restoration and Enhancement. With the vast global Military Industrial Complex re-directed and assisted with R & D Funding, Pollution could be dramatically reduced within a decade, as New Non-Polluting Energy Technologies were Developed, Old Polluting Technologies were cleaned up or eliminated, and our Global Resources were managed and monitored by "Green Environmental Peacekeeping Forces" created as a United Nations Analog. This Organization would incorporate new technologies so that the "Ecological Army and Navy of the Future" would offer a wealth of training in Biosciences, Ecological Monitoring, Toxic Clean-up, Enforcement of Environmental Regulations, and Environmental Enhancement. When an individual"s Eco-Military Service was completed, they would be equipped with a solid educational and technical base for employment in a diverse array of skills and trades which would be designed specifically to carry over to "Civilian Professions and Lifestyles." EM.

Social Justice - People in the "Rich Countries" of the World consume 30 times the resources of individuals in "Poor Countries." Through the elimination and re-direction of outmoded Government Subsidies and Invasive (as opposed to basic defensive and peacekeeping) Military Funding, monies could be re-directed from "Nation Building Activities" to "World-Building Activities," with the overall and ultimate objective of eventually stabilizing and reducing World Population, and creating a global status quo of basic justice, freedom from poverty, hunger, and disease, and opportunity for a decent life for everyone on Earth.RM/EM.

Core Concept - Dr. Muller suggests the United Nations be transformed into an "Earth-Centered Organization," where precious Natural Resources are protected and managed sustainably, and Human Population is managed in a way which is reasonable and sustainable for the Future. In this scenario Humans and Nature would eventually reach a Synergistic Balance, resulting in the optimum survival and fulfillment of both...making Planet Earth "the most beautiful and flourishing planet in the whole universe."

Dr. Muller sees true Globalization as an "Evolutionary Phenomenon" - where national boundaries will eventually cease to exist, and will instead be supplanted by a new sense of "Global Patriotism." The balance of Earth"s Biosphere is presently in peril, and the majority of the human race exists in misery. To remedy this situation will require commitment from the great majority, and the remedies must be "audacious and strong." The Political and Economic Systems of the past are no longer appropriate, and are in the process of leading humanity toward its evolutionary end if the "business as usual" attitudes of Greed and Denial continue to prevail over Intelligence, Wisdom and Compassion. According to Dr. Muller, such a transformation might best be accomplished by creating a "Second-Generation United Nations," which would embody a Quantum Leap in Thinking, and thus create a Proper Earth Government. Such an Enlightened Global Government would serve to create Social Justice and Well-Being for everyone, and provide for the adequate protection and Management of the Natural Resources of the Global Commons.

Creating a "Second-Generation" Streamlined and Effective United Nations - Dr. Muller suggests this new version of the UN be created by select group of Key Individuals from various UN Bodies, Secretaries General, World Commissions, Outside Organizations, and Retired Elders like himself who would be able to work together to facilitate the rapid transition into an effective outcome-based organization. He highlights the absolutely pivotal fact that since Business has led the way in the Globalization Process (by creating soul-less, profit-motivated corporations), creating Multinational Corporations that transcend national borders, and often wield more power then National Governments. These Corporate Entities must be properly instructed, and then given the opportunity to understand and take sustainable leadership roles for the future of the Human Race.

Proposal for a "New Philadelphia World Convention" for the Creation of the United States of the World - Consider a being from another advanced civilization, looking at the present international muddle which exists on our Planet today. Would this elegantly simple "United States of the World" not seem to be perfectly logical...if history and tradition could be left in the past, and the "best solution" for all Earth Citizens was the primary concern? EM/RM.

Funding a Global World Government - Dr. Muller highlights the poignant fact that the European Union (unlike the UN) is not dependent on national contributions, and has its own budget and tax system already in place. Money is indeed Power, and an essential element in powering Transition through Economic Restructuring! Dr. Muller underscores this concept by pointing out that in 1990 the European Economic Community already had at its disposal a budget of 7.4 billion dollars...ten times the budget of the UN! With ten more countries joining the original European Union in 2000, and 25 more countries wanting to join, this organization may well be laying the foundation for the development of a "true World or Earth Union beyond the United Nations."

A New Earth Government Patterned after the Natural World - Dr. Muller encourages new "bio-political" ways of thinking, in order to create a World Government which is patterned after and synergistic with the "Natural Laws" from which Humans, Planet Earth, and The Global Biosphere have all evolved. Such a new "Bio-Political Science" would integrate the concepts of Dr. John Hagelin, and Barbara Gaughen-Muller, which envision a re-creation of the United Nations into a living, evolving Group Consciousness, based upon Natural Law, the Fundamental Unity of Nature, and the creation of a Sustainable Future for all Humans and for the Global Biosphere.

The Natural Law Party - This organization, created by a group of British Scientists already exists in 100 Nations of the World. According to Dr. Muller this has become the third largest party in the United States, and is headed up by physicist, Dr. John Hagelin, who has already broken tradition by heading up a the first major University for Consciousness Development (The Maharishi University in Iowa), which has been instrumental from historical and evolutionary standpoints in integrating Business with Consciousness Technology, as well as developing practical new methods for transforming the Human Social Architecture through Coherent Consciousness Techniques developed at this University.

A Pledge of Allegiance to the Earth - Consider this simple method for Positive Transformation. If every student in every public, private, and religious school would begin their school day with a little "Pledge of Allegiance, Blessing, and a few Moments of Meditative Thanks" to Planet Earth...It might go like this: "I pledge allegiance to the Earth and my fellow life forms, and give thanks and return blessings to Her for the opportunity to live my life in freedom and the joy of Enlightened Consciousness." EM.

World Commission on Global Consciousness - In August of 1998, at the World Congress on Philosophy in Boston, a World Commission on Global Consciousness and Spirituality was created, co-chaired by Dr. Robert Muller and Mr. Karan Singh of India. This Congress met for the first time in Canada on September of 2001.

The Urgent Need for a Drastic Change in Human Values and Lifestyles - Within the context of the Creation of a "New Global Consciousness," Dr. Muller points out the recent theory that on any planet with life forms in the universe, one species will eventually evolve to the point where it gains a degree of knowledge of the planet it lives on, so that it gains the power and choice to either continue or terminate its evolution. If it is to continue its evolution, it must replace any values which are not "respectful" of its planetary home, with new values which are ecologically respectful, and therefore supportive of the evolution of both the Planetary Biosphere, and its intelligent Life Forms.

Humans as "Caretakers of Planet Earth - Dr. Muller emphasized that Humans will not truly be in charge of their destiny until they realize that Human Consciousness itself is a "Miracle of Natural Creation," and is thus inseparable from the Web of Life on Earth, which is the basis for this Miracle. As we enter the New Millennium he stresses the importance of Humanity thoroughly understanding "its suddenly momentous, incredibly important evolutionary role and responsibility." In Dr. Muller"s words, "We have become the caretakers, the trustees, the shapers of future evolution, the instruments of the cosmos...." Dr. Muller feels that humanity has reached the stage on Planet Earth, where society must revise its basic values, which date back to 19th Century thinking, and work together to acquire "a new evolutionary wisdom," which respects the basic laws of Planet Earth and the Global Biosphere.

The Rebirth of Science and Knowledge through a "New-Earth Transformation" - Dr. Muller proposes a deep and fundamental review and re-thinking of the following 21 Fundamental Aspects of Human Social Architecture:

  1. A New Political System - Composed of Nation-States, which would establish a Set of Basic Guidelines and Standards to facilitate the flow of goods and services, establish universal standards for clean air and water, waste disposal, packaging, and transportation.
  2. A New Economics - Gradual elimination of national currencies in favor of a single Global Currency, which would simplify global commerce, and facilitate global trade. Fundamental to this New Economic System would be the assistance in basic services, financial aid, education, and birth control by the rich nations, with the ultimate goal of balancing economic disparity, and eliminating poverty everywhere on Earth.
  3. A New Education which focuses of teaching individuals not only basic skills, but how to learn, succeed and survive in the real world. Education should be centered around a deep understanding of the Natural World, and on development of the Core Self in terms of acquisition of Maturity, Wisdom, and Compassion for all Life. Darwinian Survival of the Fittest should be superceded by an overriding sense of Synergy and Cooperation. In this Educational Renaissance, Development of the Mental Faculties would be balanced with Development of the Heart Center.
  4. New Enlightened Media and Communications - A dramatic shift from the current focus on the sensational and shallow, to a fresh new approach to media, which reports the news objectively, from a global perspective. Instead of focusing on sensational and disaster-oriented news, this new media approach would aim to educate the general public with uplifting stories of success and enlightenment, as well as a major focus on New Sustainable Technologies, and Programs for Environmental Protection Restoration, and Educational Material which relates to the Global Biosphere.
  5. A New Democracy - which de-emphasizes Nationalism, and focuses instead on building a new sense of Global Pride and Patriotism. This new democracy would need to be designed so that everyone on Earth could have some opportunity to participate and contribute to the welfare of Humans and the Global Biosphere. This New Democracy would strive to eliminate unfair subsidies, tariffs, and trade barriers, so that goods and services might flow smoothly across national borders without undue bureaucracy, with the ultimate goal of creating social stability and freedom from oppression for everyone on Earth.
  6. A New Global Leadership - A group of Unique and Outstanding Leaders from the Global Community, selected for their boldness in breaking with the conventions and restrictions of Industrial-Age Governance, and willing to facilitate change quickly and efficiently with a full "Biospheric Perception." Such New Leadership would form, as necessary, new organizational mechanisms capable of facilitating and leading the necessary quantum transformations in consciousness, and lifestyles which are compatible with success and survival of the Human Race, and for the preservation and enhancement of the Global Biosphere.
  7. A Spiritual Renaissance and Inter-Religious Cooperation - Within the realms of Techno-Scientific and Religious Thinking, our institutions have failed to provide either Physical or Spiritual Solutions for the present global social dilemma, which has resulted from runaway Consumerism, Greed, and the equating of Success with Material Wealth. In order for the Human Spirit to flower and evolve, a profound change in Mainstream Values and Lifestyles is in order. By shifting our attention from the Physical and Mental aspects of life, and focusing more on the guidance provided by the Heart and Spirit, a Global Renaissance, aided by the formative forces of the Mass Media could spread over the face of the Earth within a matter of a few months. Such a new consciousness would transcend the materialistic and competitive thinking of "Industrial Man," as well as Traditional Religious Doctrines, which are fettered by outdated events and thoughtforms of the times, and are thus ineffective to the needs the Third Millennium Social Environment. A new Global Spirituality, which would find common ground with all races and cultures, would provide Spiritual Guidelines and Wisdom for social behavior, which would be both environmentally responsible and synergistic with regard to the rest of Global Society.
  8. A Non-Violent Human Society - At the heart of a Major Quantum Shift in Global Consciousness would be a major shift from a modality of Darwinian Competition and Materialism, to one of Synergy and Support. Such a major shift in the Human Social Architecture would result in a shift away from Greed and Personal Gain, toward the quest of Enlightenment, Compassion, Wisdom, and Maturity. This major shift in Human Objectives would serve to catapult the Human Race into an entirely new Stage of Evolutionary Thought, Action, and Achievement.
  9. A Well-Preserved Planet - The concept of "Homeland Security" would be shifted from a National to a Planetary Concern. Our Wealth of Natural Resources and the Global Commons would attain the status of Precious Biological Banks. Science and Technology would be combined with Skill and Wisdom to Protect, Preserve, Manage, and Enhance these Natural Biospherical Resources for the maximum benefit of Present and Future Generations of Humankind.
  10. A Reasonable Standard of Living for Everyone - Considering the present state of our Knowledge and Technology, once a proper and reasonable balance is achieved between Human Society and the Global Biosphere, it should be no problem for the Global Social Structure to provide adequate food, shelter, sanitation, healthcare, education, and transportation to meet the needs of everyone on Earth.
  11. Stabilization of the Global Population - This in not only a Prerequisite for Survival and Success of the Human Race, but an "Evolutionary Imperative" for achieving a Reasonable and Sustainable Balance between Humans and the Natural Resources provided by the delicate Ecosystemic Balance of the Natural Physical and Biological Systems on Planet Earth.
  12. Ecologically Appropriate Human Settlements on Earth - From a perspective of Environmental Correctness, Human Habitation and Settlements would be designed to integrate everyday life with the Natural Environment. Human Living and Working Spaces might be clustered in high-rise towers or partly underground buildings, so that everyone would have access to clean air, fresh vegetation, parks, natural gardens, and forest trails. All homes and workplaces would integrate natural space with living and working space. The Ecological Footprints of Humans on the Environment would thus be minimized, with buldings and associated structures being designed to architecturally and aesthetically complement the Natural Surroundings for any region on Earth. This arrangement would ensure that every citizen...especially children...would be able to interrelate with the environment for maximum physical, mental and spiritual enrichment.
  13. Disarmament, Demilitarization and a New Global Security for Planet Earth - The vast financial budgets for military applications could be re-directed towards the protection, preservation, and restoration of the major Ecosystems of Earth. Weapons of Mass Destruction could be destroyed, toxic waste from military activities of the past could be cleaned up and reclaimed, and a new World Environmental Peacekeeping Force could be implemented to lend assistance from natural disasters, and enforce laws and treaties for Environmental Protection and Management of the Global Natural Resources. This new Global Environmental Security Force would have a variety of educational programs, utilizing Satellite Sensing Technology to monitor the Environment and Global Commons such as the Atmosphere and Ocean Fisheries. Individuals of this new Green Global Security Force would rely heavily on Conflict Prevention, Conflict Resolution, and Mediation to prevent disputes from happening, and to resolve existing disputes. This Global Green Peacekeeping Force would also provide professional and technical training for its members, so that when they returned to civilian life they would have a variety of professional skills and practical experience which could be utilized for a second career in civilian life.
  14. A New Science and Technology - Conventional Science and Technology could be combined with Consciousness Technology to create entirely new theories and fields of Science. Consciousness Techniques such as Remote Viewing, Psi Microvision, and Torsionics could provide entirely new insights into the fields of Quantum Physics and Chemistry, and bring forth an array of entirely new technologies such as practical applications of Cold Fusion, Zero-Point Energy Generation and other environmentally clean technologies...eliminating our present dependence on fossil fuels, and the resulting environmental pollution.
  15. A New Anthropology, Sociology, and Way of Life - Within a new enlightened Global Social Structure, humans would learn to live in simpler, less materialistic, and more ecologically sustainable ways. By replacing Darwinian Competition and Materialistic Goals with a drive for Self-Realization, Wisdom, and Maturity. Humans would learn to live in greater harmony with each other and with the Global Biosphere.
  16. A New Human Biology - By combining the best of Conventional Western Medical Technologies with the best of Traditional Eastern Medical Practices, our understanding of Human Biology and Medicine would take a quantum leap. Medical practice could then shift its attention into new modes of Healing, and branches of Medicine which would be devoted to the prevention of disease, and the general enhancement of the human biological processes. Through the integration of Conventional Medicine with Consciousness Technology and Traditional Healing Methodology, a new Science of "Psychobiology" would be born...allowing Humans to actively participate in individual and Group Medical Healing and Surgical Monitoring Activities combined with leading-edge Mainstream Medical Techniques.
  17. A New Philosophy, Cosmology, and Long-Term View of Evolution - The present focus on Material Wealth and Power would shift toward developing the Creative and Spiritual aspects of the Human Psyche at all levels. Even a modest shift from the egotistical self, to a more Global and Spiritual Viewpoint would serve to uplift the entire Human Consciousness to entirely new levels of enlightenment and achievement on a Global Scale. Within this context every individual on Earth would come to realize their special worth as a contributor to the Planetary Commonwealth. Humans would then be able to take their place as Co-Evolutionary Agents...initially through Self-Realization, and eventually as active participants in the Planetary, Solar and Galactic Consciousness.
  18. A New World Ethic and Social Justice - Ultimately, for Global Society to Survive and Succeed in the Third Millennium and beyond, National, Religious, and Cultural Boundaries will ultimately be transcended. Once these barriers disappear in the process of evolution of the Human Race, and humans learn the value and intrinsic rewards of sharing and cooperation, a New Golden Age of Social Justice will arise. Once the ancient fears and insecurities are left behind, and an ecologically appropriate balance is achieved between Humans and the Natural Environment, a new World Social Order will prevail so that all human beings will be assured a reasonable measure of social justice and opportunity for a healthy and fulfilling life on Earth.
  19. A New Global Psychology - As a natural product of the growth and evolution of the Human Consciousness a new enlightened bond will be formed between the Human Consciousness and the Consciousness of the Natural World (i.e. Planetary Consciousness). Through this bond humans will achieve a heightened awareness of the subtleties of all aspects of the Natural World, and their place in the Intricate Web of Life. Within this framework of Natural Enlightenment a new science will emerge..."Ecopsychology" understanding of the psychological implications of Man"s powerful interactions and relationships with the Natural World, as well as the psychological workings of Planetary Psychology...the psychological mechanisms and needs and visions of the Global Consciousness itself (Gaia).
  20. A New Science of Planetary Management - Through World Media, Religious and Educational Systems, and within a relatively short period of time, every member of Global Society can achieve a basic understanding of the "Biological Imperative" of achieving a balance between Humans and the Global Biosphere. This would include protecting, and managing the Global Commons and the Human Population in a manner which creates a Practical, Economically, and Socially Sustainable balance between Human Biomass and the Natural Environment.
  21. A Global Renaissance in Art and Culture - Such a Global Renaissance would focus on the participation and creation of Artistic and Cultural Productions which would unlock the creative potential of the Human Spirit, and produce Artistic Productions which would serve to enlighten and evolve the Human Consciousness of the Artists, Participants, and Viewers of these ArtForms. By recognizing and rewarding the creative efforts of this Renaissance, the overall effect would be to uplift Human Cultural Values and Aspirations to increasingly higher levels of Consciousness.
Addendum Comments by Sharon
  1. What is required in order to make the necessary Quantum Shift in Global Consciousness is a group of "Living Prototypes." These Global Leaders would provide living examples through their actions of the Noble Qualities of Truth, Reality, and True Humanistic Values, which would go beyond the present-day focus on Quantity, Power, and Greed.
  2. A New Spiritual System would prevail in the New World Social Fabric which would transcend Religious Dogma and Politics.
  3. For the Necessary Quantum Shift to take place into a Third-Millennium Mindset, Global Society needs to reinstate "Natural Time," as embodied in the Indigenous Cultures...especial Shamans and Indigenous Healers.
  4. Global Society needs to evolve to a consciousness which incorporates a "Global Heart" and a "Global Soul" in all aspects of life.
  5. The Strategic Key to rapid and effective transformation of the Global Consciousness is through the Global Internet, which will remain relatively unrestricted as a medium of "free expression" for approximately the next 14 years. After this time the Internet will become so regulated and censored, that other means will need to be developed for the free expression and exchange of Ideas and Communications.
  6. The Resolution of the Global Quantum Shift into Third-Millennium Consciousness will be through achieving a synergistic balance between the Technosphere (The effects of Human Technology) and the Global Biosphere (The complex Living Network of Life on Planet Earth).
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