International Scientific Advisory

Dr. Masaru Emoto

Born in 1943 in Yokohama. Graduated from the Yokohama City University. Currently, President of OFFICE MASARU EMOTO (, Chairman of I.H.M. Co., Ltd. (, and Chairman of the International HADO Membership.

In 1999, he self-published "Message from Water", a first collection of water crystal photographs, with explanatory notes in both Japanese and English and demonstrated that water can memorize and transmit various information such as music, photographs, words, prayer and human consciousness. This message of peace from water created a resonance in people's hearts, and spread out to the whole world. Today, it has been translated into more than 45 different languages, and the total sales of his books are more than three million copies. As a result, he has been invited by more than 75 countries in the past 10 years, giving his lectures more than 1,000 times.

Other than "Message from Water", he wrote more than 30 books including the world best-seller "Hidden Messages in Water".

In 2005, he gave a keynote speech at the 1sst Conference Room in the UN Headquarters in New York, and declared to start the Emoto Peace Project in which 650 million copies of a childrens' version of "Message from Water" will be delivered to all the children on this planet for free.

Dr. Emoto is now giving his lecture on how to get free energy from water based on his own unique philosophy on water.