International Scientific Advisory

Ralf Larson

Ralf Larson is a scientist and visionary, inventor and entrepreneur, developing and marketing inventions since the mid 70's. For the last decade, Ralf has turned his inventive talent to economically and environmentally sustainable projects benefiting humanity and the planet.

Ralf holds a degree in chemical engineering (1968) with additional studies in business economics. He has been a member of the Swedish Inventors' Society since the mid 70's, a member of Rotary since 1999 and holds a helicopter pilot certificate since 1983.

Ralf's talent lies in realizing ideas, turning them into finished, marketable products. He has been involved in successfully establishing more than ten innovative high-tech companies, frequently as President or CEO. Two of these companies have been introduced on the Swedish stock market; Array Printers AB, valued at 200 million Euro and one of the 40 fastest growing companies on the Stockholm stock exchange in the 90's; and Arcam AB on the Nordic Growth Market exchange and currently valued at 20 million Euro.

Over the last 13 years, Ralf has focused on research and development projects promoting environmental and economical sustainability. One such project is the Drainman system - a bilge pump that drains rain water from open boats, using only the natural force of wind and waves, with zero emissions.

Ralf believes that an invention is not simply the physical product; in his own words "it is also the mental process in which design and function are tested intuitively, in the mind, and then intentionally directed to achieve the final result."