International Scientific Advisory

Kees Hoogendijk

He held several senior positions in the oil and chemical industry (Gulf Oil), prior to starting a petrochemicals trading company, LOGA Chemicals in 1982. In 1994 he started his own venture capital firm Kegado. Kegado creates early stage transformative business initiatives. Kegado's portfolio includes participations in the Climate Neutral Group (, a company that markets CO2 certificates through innovative green concepts, Face the Future (, a company that executes reforestation projects worldwide and a participation in Business4Life ( Kees is CEO of Business4Life, a network of 40 of the top inventors and scientists in the world who have developed deep insights into the principles of nature. These fundamental insights are the key towards creating truly sustainable and resilient technologies. Business4Life manifests highly innovative sustainable technologies in a co-creative process with large corporations and government institutions to accelerate and optimize the impact of these sustainnovations.

The Vital4Life Foundation aims to bring about a major shift in the sustainable decentralised technology, offering fundamental solutions for many of the world's current challenges including global warming, global healthcare, global energy supply and the global shortage of clean drinking water and healthy food