In Memoriam : Muammar Al-Gaddafi

On the NATO sponsored killing of Muammar Al-Gaddafi – a Libyan citizen

As millions of Arabs and Africans enter into mourning – acknowledgements go to the BBC, CNN and Associated Press for downgrading our collective human experience by a quantum leap. The shotgun syndication of images of screeching zealots (Barak Obama’s “peaceful non violent protesters.”) in the Libyan desert – kicking, pounding, shredding the crippled body of Muammar Gaddafi in glorious technicolor. What a noble feat of reportage. A perfectly honed network of gibbering journalistic ducks quack in unison across the digital highway: “liberty at last” – “freed from tyranny” – “the war is over”.


Jim Walton (President of CNN Worldwide), Lord Patten (Chairman of the BBC) and Tom Curley (President of Associated Press) – if the truth is any longer a factor in your tri-quest of porn/horror/profit whilst serving the dictates of Freemasons – for the record:

  1. It wasn’t a goddamned war – it was state sponsored unlawful invasion of a sovereign land
  2. It wasn’t a liberation struggle – it was state sponsored unlawful foment of insurgency coupled to a collateral massacre of innocent people under guise of a NATO humanitarian intervention
  3. It wasn’t an overthrow of tyranny – it was state sponsored unlawful assassination (cold-blooded murder) of a legitimate leader within his own borders – and seizure of sovereign assets: theft

The USA, UK, France, Germany and Italy worked in synchronised concord to foment an unlawful culture of sabotage and insurgency. They did so at the behest of an illumined syndicate of individuals, families, who hated the person of Muammar Gaddafi. They hated this man because he warned us of them to anyone who would listen for forty years – they hated him because he planned to nail the US dollar to the wall with a unified African currency pegged to real resources, real assets, and not debt, enslavement and arms-trade. He ridiculed the heraldry of Western ‘civilization’ by parading his private Amazonian bodyguard (as if Berlusconi wouldn’t if he only could….) in lurid epaulets and insignia. He wore sunglasses like a rock-star and lived in a tent (don’t believe the BS about marble Jacuzzis and champagne fountains) ……and he looked the devil in the eye.

Hilary Clinton’s delightfully stagecrafted “Wow!” barely conceals a reptilian glee as one of those weird glossy interns hands her a mobile phone….. “we came, we saw, he died!” A perfectly disgusting comment. People of America get this woman out from your corridors of power – get her out of your chambers of governance – get her out, out, out of public office and into a war crimes tribunal. Get her out before she shreds the last golden thread of the Divine Feminine in your energetic midst. This crea- ture is harming the sacred heart of your people, of your great nation. She is far more dangerous than you dare to imagine. Look. See.

And the man ducking behind the man hiding behind the man in the mask? The one who resides in the White House. The one who appeared out of nowhere a mere 48 months before being crowned Emperor in the biggest mind-control mass media swindle of all time – taking command of the greatest military force on earth. The one who has still failed to deliver on over 50 key proofs of eligibility for the US Presidency (see earlier Humanitad report). Whose wet-ink signature must somewhere have been put to paper in order to authorise the extermination of Gaddafi and seizure of Libyan assets? The one who appears to have got up to some strange antics in Chicago back in the day – if Google Search of words like “gay…sauna…Larry…Sinclair…murder most foul etc…” is any- thing to go by. What he say?

Hard to know – but I would personally love to shake the PR flunkey by the hand who came up with …..Libya has a “long and winding road towards full democracy”…Obama delivered it with sensational understatement. That old hippy meme was snatched out of the air, reducing four decades of peace n’ love into a cold, dry, sign-off to the premeditated murder of countless men, women and children of Libya. Humanitarian collateral. The means justified by a glittering end. The body-count has yet to be determined. But US military infection and intelligence operatives crawling all over the Sahara can and will ensure a favorable tally. There is no doubt.

And NATO? What da man say?

Chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization declared his perfect- ly engineered strategic butchering of a sovereign leader on prime-time TV as welcome news – vouchsafing that NATO would retain its “capacity to respond to threats to civilians, if needed”. This is where you want to slow the tape folks – or better still – press the eject button and baton down the New World Order hatches. This is the bit where the Canaanite ritualists start salivating in the shadowy recesses of their underground cloisters. NATO will retain its “capacity to respond to threats to civilians if needed”….? With this deft little sentence we learn that a trillion dollar death machinery (paid for by the goyim) will do the bidding of a small clutch of suits in the most powerful gang on earth – the UN Security Council. They will in turn do the bidding of a small oli- garchy of central bankers. The same nest of central bankers will click their heels to our veiled cult of shadowy figures. This undisclosed uber-elite share three things in common with one another: a) the entire wealth of the world, b) a propensity for murder, deception, treason and helter-skelter, – and; c) unearthly bloodlines.

So – NATO reserve the right to hunt down and assassinate unfavorable people at discretion, in- vade sovereign territories at discretion and enforce the will of their Masters. We did not react in outrage to this little algorithm for T-R-E-A-S-O-N as it was slipped into the media frenzy last week. Therefore we have tacitly accepted the fact, by virtue of our gravest crime – our greatest illness: silence.

And at Number 10. David Cameron delivers the money-shot in sending an invoice to the Libyan people for the billion dollars spent on missiles rained down upon their towns and families by his government. There was a time when the conqueror used to pay for the restoration of that which they destroyed. In fact – it is the legal requirement. Is there an Arab voice left in the great white Sahara who is capable of articulating this fact? Of laying the claim?

As for the archetype of evil himself – Mu’ummar Qaddafi. What were his own last words?: To the witless bandits screaming “Allah Akbar!” as they tore him to pieces he simply said: “Don’t shoot….don’t kill me my sons….. what have I ever done to you?” Those were not the words of a coward – they were perfectly reasonable words to say to a child pointing a gun at you. Perfectly reasonable thing to say to treacherous vigilantes who have been given free petrol, free trucks, free cigarettes, free automatic weapons and Rambo costumes, drugged with promises of power and glory derailed into blood-lust frenzy by paleface mandarins in London, Brussels and Washington.

And his last spoken words to followers delivered shortly before the murder:

“In the name of Allah, the beneficent, the merciful…

For 40 years, or was it longer, I can’t remember, I did all I could to give people houses, hospitals, schools, and when they were hungry, I gave them food. I even made Benghazi into farmland from the desert, I stood up to attacks from that cowboy Ronald Reagan, when he killed my adopted orphaned daughter, he was trying to kill me, instead he killed that poor innocent child. Then I helped my brothers and sisters from Africa with money for the African Union. I did all I could to help people understand the concept of real democracy, where people’s committees ran our coun- try. But that was never enough, as some told me, even people who had 10 room homes, new suits and furniture, were never satisfied, as selfish as they were they wanted more.

They told Americans and other visitors, that they needed “democracy” and “freedom” never realizing it was a cut throat system, where the biggest dog eats the rest, but they were enchanted with those words, never realizing that in America, there was no free medicine, no free hospitals, no free housing, no free education and no free food, except when people had to beg or go to long lines to get soup. No, no matter what I did, it was never enough for some, but for others, they knew I was the son of Gamal Abdel Nasser, the only true Arab and Muslim leader we’ve had since Salah-al-Deen, when he claimed the Suez Canal for his people, as I claimed Libya, for my people, it was his footsteps I tried to follow, to keep my people free from colonial domination – from thieves who would steal from us.

Now, I am under attack by the biggest force in military history, my little African son, Obama wants to kill me, to take away the freedom of our country, to take away our free housing, our free medicine, our free education, our free food, and replace it with American style thievery, called “capitalism”, but all of us in the Third World know what that means, it means corporations run the countries, run the world, and the people suffer. So, there is no alternative for me, I must make my stand, and if Allah wishes, I shall die by following His path, the path that has made our coun- try rich with farmland, with food and health, and even allowed us to help our African and Arab brothers and sisters. I do not wish to die, but if it comes to that, to save this land, my people, all the thousands who are all my children, then so be it.

Let this testament be my voice to the world, that I stood up to crusader attacks of NATO, stood up to cruelty, stoop up to betrayal, stood up to the West and its colonialist ambitions, and that I stood with my African brothers, my true Arab and Muslim brothers, as a beacon of light.

When others were building castles, I lived in a modest house, and in a tent. I never forgot my youth in Sirte, I did not spend our national treasury foolishly, and like Salah-al-Deen, our great Muslim leader, who rescued Jerusalem for Islam, I took little for myself… In the West, some have called me “mad”, “crazy”, but they know the truth yet continue to lie, they know that our land is independent and free, not in the colonial grip, that my vision, my path, is, and has been clear and for my people and that I will fight to my last breath to keep us free, may Allah almighty help us to remain faithful and free.”

There you have it folks – the words of the mad-dog of the desert himself. No recriminations. No justifications. No pleas. Just a few well laid out facts – an even tone.

And his Last Will & Testament….a few short sentences in length:

“This is my will. I, Muammar bin Mohammad bin Abdussalam bi Humayd bin Abu Manyar bin Humayd bin Nayil al Fuhsi Gaddafi, do swear that there is no other God but Allah and that Mo- hammad is God’s Prophet, peace be upon him. I pledge that I will die as Muslim. Should I be killed, I would like to be buried, according to Muslim rituals, in the clothes I was wearing at the time of my death and my body unwashed, in the cemetery of Sirte, next to my family and relatives.

I would like that my family, especially women and children, be treated well after my death. The Libyan people should protect its identity, achievements, history and the honourable image of its ancestors and heroes. The Libyan people should not relinquish the sacrifices of the free and best people.

I call on my supporters to continue the resistance, and fight any foreign aggressor against Libya, today, tomorrow and always.

Let the free people of the world know that we could have bargained over and sold out our cause in return for a personal secure and stable life. We received many offers to this effect but we chose to be at the vanguard of the confrontation as a badge of duty and honour.

Even if we do not win immediately, we will give a lesson to future generations that choosing to protect the nation is an honour and selling it out is the greatest betrayal that history will remem- ber forever despite the attempts of the others to tell you otherwise.”


Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi – may your ghost haunt the barren hearts of your zombie killers, their zombie instructors, their zombie handlers and the fully lucid commissioners who stand in the shadows, as ever they do. May you haunt them until they are brought full circle to face themselves and their dark hearts in this world or the next.

May the Gods in your own heart judge you for maintaining your own bit of North African tyranny over the last forty years of accelerated social ‘evolution’ of the beautiful Bedouin, Berbers, Tuareg and Tebu peoples you sought to protect from imperialism, debt-slavery and addiction to porn, coke and daytime television.

May the many souls of those oppressed and killed by your regime seek you out and claim remedy from you – and may you in turn seek their forgiveness. You were a product of your birthright, a symmetric manifestation of a bold young Arab of the 1960’s in a marginalized desert nation – tossed about by the geopolitical wiles of devilish foreigners with colonial ambitions and the hubris of Empire to back up their cold appetites.

The thousand tales which will now emerge and be syndicated around the world of your heinous crimes, your gorging on gold and caviar amid countless travesties of democratic justice will prevail for a time – and then scatter to the wind as your people wake up within a dream – a dream not of their own making, a dream which slowly awakens to the stink of deception. Of real enslavement.

You were a damned fine Bedouin warlord. A finer man than any of the ‘rebels’ who accept Faustian guns and glory from the West in exchange for trading their sovereignty, their re- sources and the birthright of their grandchildren. You called it out for what it was: white mans poison and a goddamned “conspiracy” if ever there was one. The thing – not the word. Your desert-logic and your eccentricity will be missed as our world becomes shrouded by little grey men in little grey suits – trading death, degradation and disinformation behind remote-controlled drones.

Your enemies have already ‘done unto themselves’ with a perfect geometric response. They have already made of you a supreme martyr. As for those lesser brothers and sisters, sons and daughters of yours who now take the devils silver dollar across their palm – they are too intoxicated in the glare of the present to have any sense of history – of poise – of soulful reflection. But in a little while – your words – especially your final words – will take root in the atom-seed of the Bedouin heart – the Tuareg heart – the Arab heart.

I for one, did not lose my true sight, or the voice in my heart – in this dark, sordid chapter of the human story.

May Gods peace be upon the good people and the nation of Libya.


By: Sacha Stone

Sacha Stone

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