The Forgotten Why

Jonathan GlennGranoff has for more than 20 years contributed his legal expertise, developed as a successful private attorney, to the movement to eliminate nuclear weapons.

Granoff holds numerous other titles within the peace and security movement and serves on numer- ous governing boards, such as the Lawyers Committee on Nuclear Policy, the Lawyers Alliance for World Security, and the Middle Powers Initiative.

He has studied with the Sufi Master Bawa Muhaiyaddeen since his youth and is honored by receiving his namesake, Ahamed Muhaiyaddeen. He has lectured extensively all over the world on the sub- jects relating to peace, security, and human unity. Mr. Granoff is also an author, award-winning screenwriter (“The Constitution: The Document the Created a Nation”), and public speaker. He lives in the Philadelphia area with his family.

In this beautifully considered article, Jonathan Granoff reveals his own thoughts on what represents the true international threat – and it is not as simple as a proliferation of nuclear arms. He invites our con- templation of the true purpose of our ‘living’ and ‘thinking’ – challenging us to ask ‘why’ before ‘how’. He reminds us that without such inquiry, we are susceptible to, as Thoreau stated “improved means to unimproved ends”.

Download The Forgotten Why (PDF)

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